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Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan [Marine Discovery, The University of Arizona]
For grades 5-6. By making use of common household foods, this activity presents the concepts of food chains and food webs. It teaches students about the differences between a producer and a consumer, and emphasizes that humans are just one piece of this very complicated web of life. It illustrates that the ocean is part of our food web, and that marine algae are an important ingredient in many of our foods.

Lesson Plan [About Japan, Japan Society]
For grades 3-6. The rural, 1950s way of life depicted in the anime film My Neighbor Totoro offers lessons in green living that are applicable across cultures and across time periods. In this lesson, students will 1) describe traditional Japanese attitudes toward nature; 2) identify at least 5 energy-saving practices in Totoro; and 3) design an advertising poster to promote those energy-saving practices in today’s world.

[Tomoe Soroban Co.]
This commercial website of a company that makes soroban offers a good introductory guide with a video and a “virtual soroban” that students can manipulate.

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