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Festivals & Families

Video Lunar New Year, Korean-Style [Asia Society]
“Asia Society’s Yvonne Kim acts as a guide to a happy and peaceful Lunar New Year, centered around family, good food, and Korean traditions.”

Lesson PlanFamily Celebrations: A Comparison of Korean and American Cultures [PDF] [The Korea Society]
For grades K-6. In this lesson students will: 1) identify holidays and describe ways they celebrate them with their families; 2) identify special celebrations in the Korean culture and describe the activities of the families on those occasions; 3) complete a Venn diagram that lists unique and common family celebrations in Korea and the United States.

Lesson PlanKorean Lifestyles [PDF] [The Korea Society]
For grades 4-6. In this lesson students will: 1) identify traditional aspects of Korean food, clothing, dance and houses; and 2) evaluate the extent to which Koreans maintain cultural traditions in today’s modern society.

P’ungsu (Fengshui)

Landscapes of Korea and the P’ungsu Model [East Rock Institute]
The Korean adaptation of fengshui is illustrated at this interactive, self-instructing site through the use of images and terminology (Korean) related to community sites and planning. Includes a “Student Activities” section.


Lesson Plan Korean Pagodas [PDF] [The Korea Society]
For grades K-3. In this lesson students will 1) demonstrate visual and verbal recognition of the pagoda form; 2) introduce the basic meaning, parts, and materials used in pagodas; and 3) create a drawing and/or sculpture of a pagoda.

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