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Masks & Dance

Korean Masks [Hahoe Mask Museum]
A guide to traditional Korean masks, with images of more than 125 different masks. With links at the top of the page to other essays about Hahoe and Byungsan masks.

Lesson Plan Masks and Mask Dances: Local Folk Dance of Hahoe in North Kyongsang Province [PDF] [The Korea Society]
For grades 4-6. In this lesson students will 1) use a variety of world and local maps to identify and locate sites relevant to this lesson; 2) understand the historical significance of masks and mask dances in Korean village life; 3) understand the meaning of social satire and read social satire and apply it to modern American society; and 4) develop an understanding of and respect for cultural difference through the interpretation of traditional practices.


What Is Poongmul? [Korean Cultural Outreach Network]
Introduction to poongmul (or p’ungmul) nori and its instruments.

Kim Duk-soo, Samulnori Master of 27 Years [Korean Broadcasting System]
An overview of the samulnori tradition through the discussion of the life and career of a samulnori master musician.

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