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English Meanings of China's Province Names

(p) Province — (ar) Autonomous Region — (m) Municipality

Chinese Name (in Pinyin Romanization) English Translation
Anhui (p) Peaceful Honor
Beijing (m) Northern Capital
Fujian (p) Prosperity Found
Gansu (p) Pleasant Respect
Guangdong (p) Wide East
Hebei (p) North of the River
Heilongjiang (p) Black Dragon River
Henan (p) South of the River
Xianggang (Hong Kong) (m) Fragrant Harbor
Hubei (p) North of the Lake
Hunan (p) South of the Lake
Jiangsu (p) 87,857,500
Jiangxi (p) River West
Jilin (p) Magic Forest
Liaoning (p) Distant Peace
Nemenggu (ar) Inner Mongolia
Ningxia (ar) Peaceful Summer
Qinghai (p) Turquoise (or Bright) Sea
Shaanxi (p) West of the Pass
Shandong (p) East of the Mountains
Shanghai (m) On the Sea
Shaanxi (p) West of the Mountains
Sichuan (p) Four Rivers
Taiwan Platform in Gulf
Tianjin (m) Heavenly Ford
Xizang (Tibet) (ar) Western Treasure House
Yunnan (p) South of the Clouds
Zhejiang (p) Bore River

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