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Standard 5 Lesson Plans

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  • From Silk to Oil: Cross-cultural Connections along the Silk Roads [China Institute]
    This teaching unit provides a comprehensive view along the Silk Roads, from the 2nd century BCE to the contemporary period. Supported by strong content essays and 23 curriculum units, the book, CD, images, and maps provide a rich resource for teachers at several levels. The geography section of the book, Geography along the Silk Roads, is especially strong. Quizzes, exercises, and games are included.

  • Silk Road Seattle: Maps [University of Washington]
    A very useful interactive map website developed to assist learners in mastering the basic geography of the Silk Road. Includes a useful section of interactive map exercises.

  • Silk Road Big Map [Asia Society]
    For grades 3-12. Using a projected map outline, students will generate an oversized rendition of the Silk Roads from Europe to East Asia. Students will then apply elements such as political and topographic features, the Silk Roads, products of the regions, and the routes of key travelers. Students may continually add information to the map, and the map may be used as a reference tool throughout the teaching unit.

  • Trading in the Silk Road Cities [Asia Society]
    For grades 6-12. Students will explore elements of trade along the Silk Roads by examining the products of various locations along the route — production, influences of resources and environment, challenges of transportation, and economic exchange. Through their investigations, students will gain an understanding of what was traded along the Silk Roads and the unique challenges that these routes presented to the merchants that sought to profit from the exchanges.

  • Trade Along the Silk Roads [Asia Society]
    For grades K-5. Students contribute to a class project: an illustrated atlas of Silk Road trade goods.

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