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Standard 8 Lesson Plans

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  • Journey to Planet Earth [PBS]
    This website includes teachers’ materials, educational links, video excerpts, and "stories of hope" that focus on individuals and the regions within which they live. The series literally covers the world to comprehensively examine global environmental change, including places in Asia and Latin America, with a strong focus on the interrelationships between geographic and other factors.
  • The Power of Place: Geography for the 21st Century [Annenberg Media]
    This series of videos (available free via Annenberg's Video on Demand service) and lesson plans uses a geographic perspective to examine the world. The themes dealing with China are among the most interesting topics concerning the country. (For those interested in learning/teaching about other areas of the world, be sure to note the topics relating to Europe, North America, and South America as well as other areas of Asia.) Relevant to Asia are the following:

      • Changes on the Chang Jiang (Yangzi or Yangtze River): Case Studies: Shanghai: Head of the Dragon and Sijia: Small Town, Big Changes
        Shanghai enters the 21st century on a wave of development, ready to reclaim its legacy as China’s commercial center, and the steady growth of a township enterprise in Sijia illustrates three great contrasts in modern China: rural vs. urban, agricultural vs. industrial, coastal vs. interior.

      • A Challenge for Two Old Cities: Lanzhou: Confluence of Cultures and Shenyang: Hope for China's Rust Belt?
        We travel to the frontiers of Han and Muslim China in the city of Lanzhou; then Shenyang, a previously dynamic industrial city, continues to struggle with modernizing its manufacturing infrastructure.

      • Small Farms, Big Cities: Northern Japan: Protecting the Harvest and Tokyo: Anatomy of a Mega-City
        Viewed together, these two case studies highlight a modern paradox in Japan: the coexistence of both the mega-city of Tokyo and small-scale agriculture. A farmer's story in the first case study illustrates climatic conditions in Tohoku, or Northeast Japan, and the influence of natural hazards upon agricultural productivity. In the second case study, a commuter from Saitama provides insight into the continued growth of one of the world's largest metropolitan areas

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