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Standard 16 Lesson Plans

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  • New World Influences on Asia [National Geographic]
    For grades 9-12. This lesson focuses on the impact of new goods, ideas, and technology on a region. Most students know that many Asian inventions, such as the compass, saddle, and gunpowder, have changed the course of world history. This lesson encourages students to learn about the impact of New World crops and Western technology on Asia, specifically China and Japan. Students will collaborate to research the history and implications of trade and write about and present their findings.
  • Chinese Inventions: Can You Name Them? [Asia for Educators]
    Exploring the many inventions that China has contributed to our daily existence, this unit provides an excellent starting point for discussing both the achievements of Chinese civilization and China's influence on the West. Silk, tea, porcelain, paper, printing, gunpowder, compass, alchemy, the civil service, and grain storage are some of the ideas/inventions covered. Includes discussion questions and a timeline.

  • The Three Gorges: Should Nature or Technology Reign? [ThirteenEd Online]
    For grades 9-12. In this lesson students will gain exposure to a wide range of information available on the Internet, take the information from the websites and develop a cohesive argument about the benefits or disadvantages of the Three Gorges, hone their debating skills, and use technology to present their information.

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