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General Resources
Geography for Life: The National Geography Standards [National Geographic: Xpeditions]

A comprehensive examination of the National Geography Standards, including lesson plans sorted by subject area and grade level. An "Interactive Learning Museum" familiarizes teachers with viewing the world "from a geographic perspective." The main National Geographic: Xpeditions website features numerous resources, including printable maps, lesson plans, and activities.

Geography for Life Tutorial [National Council for Geographic Education]
The brief "Countdown to Geographic Awareness" is designed to help even the most inexperienced teacher begin to "think geographically."
Teaching Geography [Annenberg Media]
Although this series does not have units dealing with Asia (most of the rest of the world is covered), there is much that is useful here in terms of "the geographic approach." NOTE: For Video on Demand (VoD), first time users must sign up, but access is FREE. Select " Workshop 1: Introduction,” then click on the VoD icon beside "View this Video." This introduction gives an overview of the geographic perspective that highlights the 18 National Geography Standards and associated skills that inform "Teaching Geography."
EdNet [National Geographic]
Join EdNet, the National Geographic Society's educational network, for materials that will help you understand the value of a geographic approach. This online service from the Society's Education & Children's Programs department is free.

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