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Literature Anthologies

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Almost a Revolution  
Cyril Birch Grove Press, Publishers Group West, 1994  
Anthology of Chinese Literature: Beginnings to 1911  
Stephen Owen, ed. Norton, 1996  
Anthology of Modern Chinese Poetry  
Michell Yeh, ed. Yale University Press, 1994  
Chinese Poetry: An Anthology of Major Modes and Genres  
Wai-lim Yi, ed. Duke University Press, 1997  
Columbia Anthology of Modern Chinese Literature, The  
Howard Goldblatt, ed. Grove Press, 1995  
Columbia Anthology of Traditional Chinese Literature, The  
Victor Mair, ed. Columbia University Press, 1994  
Columbia Book of Chinese Poetry: From Early Times to Thirteenth Century, The  
  Columbia University Press, 1984  

Classics and Modern Literature

Dream of Red Mansions, A EH
Hsueh-Chin Tsao Cheng and Tsui, 1996  
Ngo Kao  
Hsien Yi Yang  
(Abridged Version of Story of the Stone, also known as Dream of the Red Chamber)
Family MH
Ba Jink Cheng and Tsui, 1999  
Monkey and the Monk, The F
Anthony Yu University of Chicago Press, 2006  
(Abridgement of The Journey to the West also known as "Monkey")
New Ghosts, Old Dreams C
Geremie Barme Linda Jaivin Times Books. 1992  
(Includes stories by Wang Shuo and Ah Cheng)
Life and Death are Wearing Me Out C
Mo Yan Arcade Publishers, 2009  
Outlaws of the March EH
Nai-an Shi Allen & Unwin 1986  
Guanzhong Luo  
Sidney Shapiro, trans.  
(also known as All Men are Brothers or The Water Margin; written down in the Ming dynasty, based on incidents from the Song dynasty)
One Man's Bible B/C
Xingjian Gao Harper Collins, 2002  
(winner of Noble Prize in Literature, 2000)
Peony Pavilion, The EH
Xianzu Tang    
(Famous Chinese opera; appears in Cyril Birch, Anthology of Chinese Literature; also Norton Anthology for World Literature)
DVD of The Peony Pavilion (Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, 2000) Includes a one-hour documentary on the making of the Peony Pavilion.
Pipa and Other Ming Dynasty Stories, The EH
Yunbo Liu Free Press, 1991  
(English prose adaptations of three classical Chinese dramas)
The Red Pear Garden: Three Great Dramas of Revolutionary China EH
William Packard David Godine Publishers, 1973  
(Includes: The White Snake, The Wild Boar Forest, Taking Tiger Mountain by Strategy)
Selected Stories of Lu Xun MH
Hsien-yi Yang Norton, 2003  
Gladys Yang, trans.  
Stories Old and New: A Ming Dynasty Collection (first published 1620) EH
Menglong Feng, comp. University of Washington, 2000  
Shuhui Yang  
Yunqin Yang, trans.  
Tang Dynasty Stories EH
Hsien-yi Yang Foreign Languages Press, 2001  
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