"All the Khan's Horses," by Morris Rossabi [pdf]
(in Natural History, October 1994 / Reprinted with permission from author)

"Dietary Decadence and Dynastic Decline in the Mongol Empire," by John Masson Smith [pdf]
(in Journal of Asian History, 34:1 (2000) / Reprinted with permission from publisher, Harrassowitz Publishing House)

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Excerpts from The Book of Ser Marco Polo: The Venetian Concerning Kingdoms and Marvels of the East
Translated and edited by Colonel Sir Henry Yule, (London: John Murray, 1903)

Chapter VIII: Concerning the Person of the Great Kaan [pdf]

Chapter IX: Concerning the Great Kaan's Sons [pdf]

Chapter X: Concerning the Palace of the Great Kaan [pdf]

Chapter XI: Concerning the City of Cambaluc [pdf]

Chapter XXII: Concerning the City of Cambaluc, and Its Great Traffic and Population [pdf]

Chapter XXIII: Concerning the Oppressions of Achmath the Bailo, and the Plot That Was Formed Against Him [pdf]

Chapter XXIV: How the Great Kaan Causeth the Bark of Trees, Made Into Something Like Paper, To Pass for Money Over All His Country [pdf]

Chapter XXVI: How the Kaan's Posts and Runners are Sped Through Many Lands and Provinces [pdf]

Chapter XLVI: Of the City of Caracoron [pdf]