A Journey Through Space: What the Kangxi and Qianlong Southern Inspection Tour Scrolls Reveal about Western and Chinese Conceptions of Space in Art


Robert Ponzio, Oak Hall School, Gainesville, Florida


Class Project

Recording the Grandeur of the Qing

Teachers’ Guide with Study Questions: Recording the Grandeur of the Qing


A Journey Through Space

How to Read a Chinese Hand Scroll

Exploring Trade and the World Economy


Where Western artists introduced a "fixed perspective" and vanishing point into their work, Chinese artists traditionally used a shifting perspective in their paintings. Click here for an explanation of these differing conceptions of space and the scope they provide to artists. An outline of the lesson is included.

Power point

This power point slide show demonstrates the concepts of the lesson for students using scenes from the scrolls.

Class Project

Instructions on creating a hand scroll, with examples of student work.