Teachers in all states are eligible to apply to participate in NCTA-sponsored study tours

Other Requirements:

  • To be eligible to apply for a NCTA–sponsored study tour you must have completed requirements for a total of 30 professional development hours in NCTA–sponsored professional development programs..
  • These credits can be earned through face–to–face, on–line or blended programs (seminars, book groups, simulcasts and webinars) that are offered by NCTA sites or a combination of these formats. Hours can be earned from any NCTA site or from programs offered by several different sites. The total number of hours must be 30 or more.
  • These requirements can be met over a period of years; they do not have to be met in one year. All requirements must be met, however, by February 1 of the year in which you apply for a study tour. (Please note that in the case of simulcast presentations, the teaching reflections submitted on any one simulcast, worth 2 hours, are reviewed only between June 1-July 15 each year. See details here.)
  • Prior participation in a NCTA-sponsored study tour, however, disqualifies someone from participating in a second tour, unless the new tour is to a country not previously visited with NCTA.