Earning Professional Development Hours

Online Courses and Reading Groups

If you are participating in an online course or reading group, please consult the requirements given for that particular program, as listed where you access the course or reading group.

Simulcast Video Presentations

Participants seeking professional development hours for participation in NCTA simulcasts they have viewed, whether live or archived, should submit the following template between June 1 and July 15 following the academic year when they viewed the presentations. Please email completed templates to one of the addresses noted below, depending upon the state in which you teach. Letters indicating the number of professional development hours you have earned will be sent to you in by September 15 on the year in question.

Professional Development Hours

  • We will certify by letter that you have completed 2 hours of professional development for each simulcast session module that you complete and on which you submit a Teaching Reflection as specified below — provided that the Teaching Reflection you submit is accepted as satisfactory by the NCTA director reading your reflection.

Submit Teaching Reflections June 1 — July 15

  • The first date we are open to receiving submissions of Teaching Reflections is June 1. Please do NOT submit your document before June 1. (We cannot receive submissions on a rolling basis; they would be in danger of being misplaced. There is, therefore, a six–week window for submissions, from June 1–July 15.)
  • To receive a letter for work you completed, you must submit by July 15. (After that time, any submission would not be awarded hours until the following year.)

What to Submit

  • Please use the provided template to complete as a single document a cover sheet and teaching reflections for each of the simulcasts you participated in.
  • Please email your completed document as an attachment to the appropriate person from the list below.
  • Download the template in Word here.

Where to Submit