China in 1000 CE

The Most Advanced Society in the World

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Animated Version:
Published on Feb 6, 2012 – Singapore Huading Group (Singex)
The original Qing Ming Shang He Tu (清明上河图) painting showcased the best of life in the Song Dynasty - one of the golden ages of China.
Narrated in English -- 12 minute Youtube video (3-D animation begins at 2:46)
Provides background on the scroll and its artist. Leads viewer through the original version of the scroll, which is animated, providing information on the activities, markets, and city design. (Occasionally, there is a contemporary graphic version inserted to show details of a trade, but the viewer then returns to the original scroll scenes almost immediately.)

TEXT Resources:

1. Harvard:
a. Harvard has this too, but not clear: 2. U of Chicago:
3. China Online Museum:
4. “Spring Festival on the River” by Alan Priest

Newspaper Articles:

1. “’China’s Mona Lisa’ Makes are Rare Appearance in Hong Kong” by Keith Bradsher, New York Times, July 3,2007
2. “Renowned Scroll Painting Unrolled at the palace Museum” by Wang Kaihao, The Telegraph, September 14, 2015

Lesson Plans:

1. Lesson Plan for Spring Festival:
2. “China’s Markets: Past and Present”