Programs for Teachers

Asia for Educators continues to offer new ways for educators to enhance their background understanding of East Asian history, art, and literature and to discuss ways of conveying new insights in the classroom. Professional Development Hours are available for educators participating in these programs.

Past programs include courses, video presentations, and book groups - all asynchronous. Programs are free, and approximately 3000 teachers are alumni of our online programs at (Login required; creating an account is free and easy). Video presentations – as well as some courses and book groups – are archived there for reference. Professional Development Hours will remain available for the Video Presentations only (see directions on the site). Find additional videos on our video page.

Current Programs — Current Events in East Asia 2023-24

AP Comparative Government: TIPSS Speakers Series - China Specialists
Today in International Politics Speakers Series (TIPSS) brings global expertise to important political topics, each discussed with 4 specialists over 2 evenings on Zoom. It's designed for AP-Comparative Government teachers but open to all high school teachers and students interested in government. See the TIPSS Website for full speaker schedule. China speakers and sign up forms are listed below. All programs start at 8:00 p.m. ET.
Oct 17 & 18: Social and Political Cleavages with Andrew Nathan (Tue 10/17), Columbia University Sign Up
Nov 14 & 15: Social Movements & Adaptation of Social Policy with Xiaobo Lu (Wed 11/15), Columbia University Sign Up
Dec 5 & 6: Current Events with Thomas Christensen, Columbia University (Wed 12/6) Sign Up
Jan 9 & 10: Judicial Systems with John Kennedy (Day TBA), Kansas University Sign Up
Jan 30 & 31: Executive Systems with Xiaobo Lu (Wed 1/31), Columbia University Sign Up
Feb 27 & 28: Legislative Systems with Andrew Nathan (Wed 2/28), Columbia University Sign Up
Mar 12 & 13: Economics Systems with Junyan Jiang (Tue 3/12), Columbia University Sign Up
Apr 2 & 3: Elections & Political Participation with John Kennedy (Day TBA), Kansas University Sign Up
TIPSS China speakers from Columbia sponsored by AFE.

Other Opportunities through NCTA

Our partner, the National Consortium for Teaching about Asia/NCTA ( lists many more learning and professional development opportunities for teachers, including national online and state-based, face-to-face programs.

Coming from AFE in 2023!

AFE will offer live presentations that provide “walk-throughs” of our online modules and discussion of our other materials to support in curriculum planning. These will:

  • Focus on certain topics in East Asia
  • Include background by specialists and master teachers familiar with AFE’s materials
  • Conclude with Q&A
  • Stay available as archived programs
  • Provide professional development hours upon completion of a teaching reflection form
  • FREE