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China in 1000 CE

The Most Advanced Society in the World

Lesson Plans & Resources

Lesson Plans:

1. Exploring the Qingming Scroll [PDF], Field Museum, Cyrus Tang Hall

What does an idealized image of society tell us? What does it hide?

2. The Song Dynasty: Technology, Commerce, and Prosperity, U of Tennessee, Chattanooga, Asia Program, NCTA Teaching Modules

This module, by Jane Hill, Ooltewah Middle School, was developed and utilized for a seventh-grade world history and geography class. It is designed to teach the Tennessee state social studies standard 7.03—"Summarize agricultural, commercial, and technological developments during the Song dynasties, and describe the role of Confucianism during the Song.” However, the module is suitable for a variety of social studies classes (grades sixth through ninth) that include Chinese history.

3. Scrolling along in the Song Dynasty [PDF], Asia for Educators

A lesson plan for middle school students designed specifically using this module, by Debbie Van Horn, Sapulpa Middle School, Sapulpa, Oklahoma.

4. Chinese Handscrolls: An Art Lesson for Elementary Students [PDF], Asia for Educators

An art lesson for elementary students, designed by Judith Dieckman, Tulsa, Oklahoma Public Schools. Students use the module to learn about the structure and cultural background of Chinese handscrolls and then create their own.

5. Life in China: Tang and Song Dynasties, Asian Art Museum of San Francisco

This unit includes interdisciplinary suggested activities and downloadable handouts for approaching this subject through skill sets applied across world history studies. Download student hand outs, discussion points, comparisons, and activities.

Text Resources:

1. Harvard

Introductory text that accompanies the Harvard digitized version of the scroll.

2. China Online Museum

Provides background on Chinese painting.

3. China's Contributions to the West [PDF], Asia for Educators

Timeline overview of Chinese inventions and their introduction to Europe/America.

Newspaper Articles:

1. “’China’s Mona Lisa’ Makes are Rare Appearance in Hong Kong” by Keith Bradsher, New York Times, July 3, 2007

2. “Renowned Scroll Painting Unrolled at the palace Museum” by Wang Kaihao, The Telegraph, September 14, 2015