1000 BCE - 300 CE: Classical Traditions, Major Religions, & Giant Empires
Western Zhou ca. 1,046 to 771 BCE
Eastern Zhou ca. 771 to 256 BCE
Qin 221 to 206 BCE
Han 206 BCE to 220 CE
Neolithic Japan, Jomon ca. 10,500 to 300 BCE
Yayoi ca. 300 BCE to 200 CE
Bronze Age Korea ca.900 to 300 BCE - Iron Age from ca.300 BCE - Three Kingdoms, Silla
57 BCE
Bronze Age and Iron Age Southeast Asia ca. 1,500 to 500 CE
Vedic Period ca. 1,900 to 800 BCE
Mahajanapadas, Nanda ca.800 to 300 BCE
Mauryan ca.323 to 185 BCE
Kushan, Shunga

KOREA 1000 BCE-300 CE

Bronze Age (Old Chosŏn) and Iron Age (Conquest by Chinese Han Dynasty)

Bronze Age, ca. 900 BCE to 300 BCE (Old Chosŏn, 4th Century BCE)
Iron Age, from ca. 300 BCE (conquest and colonization by Chinese Han dynasty, 108 BCE)

Korea, 1,000 B.C.-1 A.D. [Timeline of Art History, The Metropolitan Museum of Art]
"During the first millennium B.C., bronze technology and then iron technology are introduced into the Korean peninsula, probably from the northern regions of the continental mainland, and are used to produce both utilitarian and ritual implements. Advances in metallurgy and a dependence on agriculture spur the development of a more complex social hierarchy, which is attested by increasingly elaborate burial practices." With a period overview, list of key events, and one related artwork.

Neolithic and Bronze Age Korea [The Art of Asia, Minneapolis Institute of Arts]
"Archaeologists believe the Koreans descended from the nomadic Mongolian tribes that lived in North and Central Asia." A brief one-paragraph overview, along with an image of one object representative of the period.

Iron Age Pottery: Bird-shaped Vessel [Arts of Korea, The Metropolitan Museum of Art]
Example of iron-age vessel with sculptural form, ca. second to third century BCE.

Early Three Kingdoms Period, Silla

Three Kingdoms Period (Koguryŏ, Paekche, and Silla), 57 BCE to 668 CE
Three Kingdoms, Korea [The Art of Asia, Minneapolis Institute of Arts]
"From the first century B.C. until the 7th century, Korea was divided into three states." A brief one-paragraph overview of the Koguryŏ, Paekche and Silla kingdoms of Korea, along with images of three objects representative of the period.

Golden Treasures: The Royal Tombs of Silla [Timeline of Art History, The Metropolitan Museum of Art]
A short introduction, with images of six artifacts, of which four are found in the museum's collection.


Origin Myths

Korean Thought [Asia Society]
Background reading about "[a] Korean origin myth described in [the] context of Korean society and as a comparison to Western thought."

Primary Source w/DBQsIryŏn's Memorabilia of the Three Kingdoms (Samguk yusa): The Tangun Legend [PDF] [Asia for Educators]

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