1000 to 1450: Intensified Hemispheric Interactions
Northern Song 960 to 1127 Southern Song 1127 to 1279
Yuan 1279 to 1368
Ming 1368 to 1644
Late Heian ca.900 to 1185
Kamakura 1185 to 1333 Nanbokucho 1336 to 1392
Muromachi 1392 to 1573
Koryo 918 to 1392
Choson 1392 to 1910
Angkor Period (Cambodia, at times also Burma, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam) 802 to 1431
Thai kingdom in Ayudhya
Powerful regional states, incl. Chola ca.860 to 1279
Sultanate Period 13th century Rajput kingdoms 14th century
Vietnam & SE Asia

VIETNAM & SE ASIA 1000-1450

End of Chinese Rule over Viêt Regions; Ascendance of Ly and Tran Dynasties

Vietnam [Asia Society]
"A short essay on Vietnam's geopolitical history, from pre-civilization times to the 20th century."

Vietnam: What's in a Name? [Asia Society]
A short essay about the "many names and identities" Vietnam has had over the centuries.

Primary Source w/DBQsExcerpts from the "Text of the Stone Inscription for the Duke of Ly, the Thai Uy of Cu Viet Kingdom (Do Anh Vu)" [PDF] [Asia for Educators]
The Ly monarchy of Dai Viet developed strongly through the eleventh and twelfth centuries. After three strong Ly kings, power devolved to queen mothers, their kin, and strong court ministers. In the middle of the twelfth century, that minister was Do Anh Vu (1114-1159). Here an inscription carved in stone tells of his rise to power in the royal court and his valued government service inside the land and against its rivals.

Southeast Asia, 1000-1400 A.D. [Timeline of Art History, The Metropolitan Museum of Art]
"The Khmer capital at Angkor is the center of a powerful, opulent empire that includes most of continental Southeast Asia. The Angkor period is noted for the vast number of breathtaking monuments constructed from the late ninth to the thirteenth century." With a period overview, list of key events, and nine related artworks.


Religious Poetry of Tran king Minh Tong (1300-1357)

Primary Source w/DBQs"A Chant on the Mustard Hut," by Tran Minh Tong [PDF] [Asia for Educators]
The Tran ruler Minh Tong (1300-1357; r. 1314-1329) was a follower of Thien (Zen) Buddhism, and his poetry reflects both the beliefs held and the efforts at consolidating his realm with its orthodoxy.

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