Contemporary Asia in the 21st Century
People's Republic of China (Mainland) and Republic of China (Taiwan) 1949 to present
Japan (Heisei Period) 1989 to present
Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North) and Republic of Korea (South) 1948 to present
Socialist Republic of Vietnam 1975 to present
Republic of India and Islamic Republic of Pakistan 1947 to present

CHINA 21st Century

BBC Learning: Teachers [BBC, British Broadcasting Corporation]
With lesson plans grouped by topic and grade level, and a "Class Clips" section featuring "more than 3,000 clips" from BBC programs that can be viewed online.

Learning Network [The New York Times]
Includes a "Student Connections" section with new summaries and daily quizzes and a "Teacher Connections" section with lesson plans and background readings and more.

NPR >> News >> World [NPR, National Public Radio]
Although not specifically designed for educators, is an excellent resource for world news.

Reuters: China Connected [Reuters]
Optimized for mobile devices, this app explores the cultural and political factors that shape the dynamics of power in modern China, providing deep insight into China's new generation of leaders and features the best of Reuters' coverage in data, text, photos and video. Provides new perspectives and provocative insights about power dynamics in modern China.

Asian Review of Books [Asian Review of Books]
Essays on new books and their topics, covering all of Asia.


China Daily | "The Most Cited Chinese Newspaper by Foreign Media"

People's Daily | "The Latest News Dispatches of Policy Information and Resolutions of the Chinese Government"

Shanghai Daily | "English Window to China News"

Six Tone | "An online publication that produces informed and insightful content on contemporary China. Like an additional tone to the five of Mandarin Chinese..."

Hong Kong

South China Morning Post


Taipei Times | "Bringing Taiwan to the World and the World to Taiwan"

Global Media Providing News on China


USCAnnenberg USC-US-China Institute | News

Australia Center/China in the World | The China Story


Focus on China

US-China Institute [University of Southern California]
Offers multimedia units by topic on current U.S.-China relations and developments within China.

China from the Inside: An Exploration of China, Her People, Her Past, and Her Present [KQED and Granada Television for PBS / Granada International for the BBC]
With in-depth guides to the four episodes of the PBS/BBC series China from the Inside and a For Educators section with two lesson plans on globalization and the environment and development.

U.S.-China Trade Tensions [The Choices Program, Brown University]
Students will: 1) Consider the reasons for current trade tensions between the United States and China, 2) Identify and assess U.S. trade policy toward China, 3) Examine primary sources from U.S. officials, scholars, journalists, and business leaders supporting and opposing Trump administration trade policies with China, 4) Use active listening, critical thinking, and persuasive argument skills to explore, discuss, and evaluate arguments related to Trump administration trade policies with China.

The National Humiliation Narrative: Dealing with the Present by Fixating on the Past [Education About Asia]
In his speech announcing the founding of the People's Republic of China (PRC) on October 1, 1949, Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Chairman Mao Zedong famously proclaimed, "Ours will no longer be a nation subject to insult and humiliation. We have stood up." With those words, Mao explained that a new era had begun for China under CCP leadership. To those unfamiliar with Chinese history, such a proclamation may seem confusing. Didn't China have 5,000 years of a glorious and storied history? What did China have to be insulted or humiliated about? To whom was China standing up? Download PDF on page.

East Asia and the Pacific/World 101 [Foreign Policy Association]
Fifty years ago, life expectancy, education, and GDP in East Asia and the Pacific were well below the global average. Today, the region is almost unrecognizable. It's home to some of the world's largest financial centers, most innovative tech hubs, and fastest high-speed trains. With China rising and other Asian economies continuing to grow, this region commands our attention-because what happens here will affect the rest of the world. Teaching Resources includes sections on Modern: History, People and Society, Politics. Economics, Geopolitics, and U.S. Foreign Policy.

Current World Issues Including China

The Choices for the 21st Century Education Program [The Choices Program, Brown University]
The Choices Program's Teaching with the News provides online lessons to connect the content of your classroom to the headlines in the news. Topics cover a range of foreign policy and international issues. Choices also offers curriculum units for purchase on a variety of current international issues, including the South China Seas and US-China Relations. See also, China Video Collection.

SPICE [SPICE: Stanford Program on International and Cross-Cultural Education]
Video presentations on current world events as well as curriculum packets on major issues in Asia.

Great Decisions: In the Classroom [Foreign Policy Association]
The Foreign Policy Association sponsors an annual series on current events topics. See "Topic Resources" for current year topics East Asia in the current year and "Program Materials" for curriculum available for purchase.

Education about Asia (EAA) [Association for Asian Studies]
On-line and print articles on current issues in East, South and SE Asia. Search articles by country or topic on this on-line index.

Asia Matters for America [East-West Center]
This project maps the trade, investment, employment, business, diplomacy, security, education, tourism, and people-to-people connections between the United States and Asian countries at the national and sub-national levels.

Class Apps [Program on Teaching East Asia, U of Colorado]
Short video presentations focusing on a timely topic or “best practice” for the classroom.

ExEAS – Expanding East Asia Studies [Weatherhead East Asian Institute, Columbia University]
Teaching materials and resources on current issues in East Asia.

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