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China and Europe, 1500–2000 and Beyond: What is Modern?
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Introduction: New Directions in World History, 1500–Present
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The Eurocentric View of History
Until about twenty years ago, the studies of most historians on different parts of the world were largely kept separate. This made it possible for us to think that the making of the modern world was principally a European story, the story of Europeans going out and exploring the rest of the world. We have understood the dynamism and the construction of the modern world to be the product of European motives, efforts, and intentions. In the last twenty years, people working on other parts of the world—East Asia being a crucial area—have begun to recognize that the dynamics that take place in their parts of the world have certain similarities to those that take place in Europe. And it is from those initial insights of specialists that we begin to see in the last decade the integration of that knowledge with the knowledge about European history to produce a more informed world history.

Read an excerpt from the Far Eastern Economic Review on China's place in world history in the last millenium, 1000-2000.