Earliest times to 4000 BCE: The Beginnings of Human Society
ca. 460,000 to 220,000 BCE
"Peking Man"     Neolithic China, Yangshao
ca. 10,000 to 2,000 BCE
Paleolithic and Neolithic Japan, Jomon
ca. 50,000 to 300 BCE
Neolithic Korea
ca. 7,000 to 900 BCE
Neolithic Southeast Asia
ca. 7,000 to 1,500
Mesolithic & Neolithic South Asia, Indus Valley / Early Harappan
ca. 9,000 to 1,000 BCE



Neolithic Period

ca. 7,000 to ca. 900 BCE
Korea, 8,000-2,000 B.C. [Timeline of Art History, The Metropolitan Museum of Art]
"Humans have inhabited the Korean peninsula from as early as the Pleistocene era, about 500,000 B.C. By the Neolithic period, beginning in about 7000 B.C., small settlements of hunters, fishers, and foragers are established near rivers or coastal areas." With a period overview and list of key events.

Neolithic and Bronze Age Korea [The Art of Asia, Minneapolis Institute of Arts]
"Archaeologists believe the Koreans descended from the nomadic Mongolian tribes that lived in North and Central Asia." A brief one-paragraph overview, along with an image of one object representative of the period.

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